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Backpacking Trips and Backpacking Tours for independent travellers. Travel away from package holidays and onto group trekking around Europe. With holidays to many none tourist locations, we uncover the gems of once hidden sights and experiences in our tours. Our service is totally unique in that we offer our travellers an alternative experience. Our distinctive style of trip offers something different to your ordinary vacation.

Travel on our tours using only the most authentic methods of transport whilst blending into local cultures. We only use public transport whilst guiding from place to place which ensures the cheapest travel prices and best experiences! Wherever your holiday may be, whether its trekking in Eastern Europe, Central Europe or in Greece and the islands, let us ensure you get the cheapest price wherever you stay, however you get there and make sure you don't miss a thing!

So, for active tours and adventure holidays to many destinations, all hosted in groups where you can fulfil your travel dreams. You know you've come to the right place. Our tours are designed to fit around your life. Ideal for people who want to go travelling the world but have jobs and other commitments. Most of our holidays are between 1 to 3 weeks long and are perfect for vacation breaks from work. All of our expeditions are ideal for independent travellers, students and young professionals. Please take the time to view our ever increasing range of trips.

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We're Keeping Travel Authentic

Come along, have fun in a group, travel the world and keep your 9-5 jobs!

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